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Fueled by foster love! This is the simplest, most direct way to get involved and grow in our rescue.

Fosters are a huge part of our rescue mission and we work with every foster’s circumstances to make our relationship work. We will provide you with everything you might need to look after our animals while they wait for their forever home. From crates and beds to toys and grain-free food.

For the privilege of having you as part of our team, we have implemented 2 plans for our foster homes personal pets.

Option 1: Comprehensive Pet Insurance Policy

Option 2: Banfield Pet Hospital Care Plan

Once you are incorporated as a foster, we go ahead and arrange for your pet coverage through our chosen insurance provider. You coverage starts at a mid-range coverage plan and grows to a lower-deductible and higher-percentage-coverage plan as you foster longer.

If you choose a Banfield Care Plan, it allows you to receive routine care free of charge such as vaccinations, physicals, blood-work and dental care.

Fosters who demonstrate an incredible ability to handle their responsibilities are offered opportunities to progress their involvement within Havok’s Wolfpack. These can include veterinary education, administrative duties and rescue coordination, these roles earn a living wage.

If you would like to read more about our foster guidelines, please head over here.

Fostering a rescue dog can be a big responsibility and this requires a person who can cope in demanding situations. We will be there to offer guidance and assistance as much as we can. It is important a foster can resolve simple problems on their own and seek guidance for larger issues.

Should you be experiencing any issues with your foster animal  we reserve the right to take up to 7 days find an alternative arrangement.

Step 1: Fill out your foster application

Step 2: Submit your foster agreement

Phone: 1 720 504 4660

Boulder, CO 80301
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