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Havok’s Wolfpack is an internationally expanding dog rescue based out of Denver, Colorado.

Inspired by our experiences with our very own lovable canine, Havok, we are a team that intends to provide the most comprehensive source of services for pet parents – all with strictly limited profit margins. Our goal is to prevent a human ever again being restricted in making the right choice for their pet due to their financial circumstances.

We rescue dogs from high kill shelters nationwide as well as support the rural shelters of Colorado.

Our “B.H.A.G.” (big, hairy, audacious goal)… is to open our own veterinary practice that provides universal veterinary care, a system where all care is provided for one monthly fee.

We provide an inclusive community of support, advice and animal services for every pet parent and foster parent.

Our Wolfpack

Adoption Center
Explore the animals we have available for adoption.
Be part of the our community where you can get advice, support and schedule play dates.
Create profiles for you and your pets. Use our search to find pets in your area.
Online Store
Discover our range of hand selected natural and affordable pet products


Phone: 1 720 504 4660
Email: havok@havokswolfpack.com

Boulder, CO 80301
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