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More than a rescue, a family

A rescue born out of the idea that love should be the driving factor behind all things wild. We are aspiring to provide lifetime support to the animal rescuers of Colorado. A pet is a commitment that lasts decades and we will be there to provide education, resources and veterinary care every step of the way.

Currently too many individuals strive to profit from our love for our animals, from expensive food and treats to colossal veterinary bills and pet insurance.

We will strive to reverse these trends in favour of the animal we love with every ounce of our being.

Adoption Center
Bring a furry companion into your home! See who we have available for adoption.

Be part of the our community where you can get advice, support and schedule play dates.
Become a foster parent while one of our rescues waits for their forever home.
Havok Approved
Learn more about our favorite trusted products, foods and resources for happy, primal pooches.

Pet Adoption. Be Part of Something Beautiful!

We have a selection of friendly and adorable dogs.
Our pups are spayed-neutered,
microchipped and fully vaccinated.


Join our Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is intended to be your source of advice and support
for all things wild. We will also have a comprehensive list
of dog walkers, trainers and boarding businesses, approved
by us with exclusive deals only available for Havok’s Wolfpack.

Phone: 1 720 504 4660
Email: havok@havokswolfpack.com

Boulder, CO 80301
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